With a strong body of work now behind us, including a range of Transport for London projects, The Unknown Creative is now a sought after agency across Europe for public service design.

Industry contacts at TfL, and other progressive organisations the team had worked for – including Cross River Partnership – put us in contact with clients in France, Belgium, Germany and beyond.

Our portfolio of design now includes projects promoting a greener, more sustainable future, for both Smart City and Smart Transport organisations.

Design for a Cleaner, Greener Future

The Freight Tails and LaMilo programmes were both created to encourage more efficient freight delivery and improve sustainability in urban areas. Linked to progressive change organisations like URBACT, and The Institute for Sustainability, both programmes provided the opportunity for The Unknown Creative to showcase their understanding of Transport & Logistics communications to a continental audience.

Freight Tails’ visual identity captured the positive vision behind the programme, with clean graphics, an engaging colour scheme, and strong, friendly typography. The scope of the programme was enormous, with partners from London to Tallinn, so the design was required to communicate change across Europe.

The LaMilo programme, however, required something a little different. Focused on improving the efficiency of the last mile of freight deliveries, a more quirky, cordial style was defined in the project brief.

Creative Communications with Character & Quirk

By this time, we had delivered brand identities for the North Pennines Electric Bike Network, and niche motorcycle logistics company, Bike Sherpa. The diverse, illustrative style of these two attractive brand marks was similar to the vision shared by creative  minds behind LaMilo.

The design delivered was delightfully received, and rolled out across North West Europe. The programme, which was subsequently funded for several successful years, became a benchmark for Last Mile logistics across the continent.

With even more impactful Transport & Logistics design added to the agency’s portfolio, it was now time to deliver another original, inspiring visual identity for TfL.

Part 4 of our journey in Public Service Design is available to read now.