In 2017, Glen Davies again engaged John Dunne and The Unknown Creative to design for TfL’s latest innovative logistics programme. Construction Logistics was created in association with Transport for London and The Chartered Institute of Transport & Logistics.

Essential to ensuring the regeneration of England’s capital city, the programme was designed to address the challenges of operational efficiency, and the environmental impact of deliveries in construction. Like CLOCs, it was a flagship scheme encouraging other organisations to change – significantly improving road safety and air quality.

Simple Communications Solutions, for Smart, Complex Programmes

The challenge for John Dunne and The Unknown Creative was to deliver an original visual identity. This was required to be distinct from similar programmes, but still communicate across a growing, now extremely competitive logistics infrastructure. However, with such a diverse range of branding projects already behind the agency, working from a demanding brief was no problem.

The Construction Logistics visual identity was launched in September 2017. Featuring a creative suite of vibrant graphics and an original logo. Representing the plethora of complex problem-solving that goes into construction logistics plans – and a homage to classic TfL wayfinding systems – the colourful elements of the logo merge, to form a precise, spire structure. A vision of the smart buildings that will define future London, the logo is an emblem for change, and quickly attracted a great deal of interest across the industry upon its launch.

Award-Winning Identities Across Europe

By February 2018, Construction Logistics had accredited its 100th industry practitioner. In May, the programme scooped an illustrious CIVITAS award for innovation. Peter Binham, on behalf of TfL, collected the award for ‘Innovation in Construction Logistics in urban areas,’ at the Urban Freight conference in Brussels.

The Unknown Creative, of course, is still very active within the Transport & Logistics industry, and John Dunne is regularly engaged for creative work by managers and marketers across Europe. Still geared towards projects that impact people in positive, helpful ways, the agency is always ready for its next creative challenge.

While the portfolio has grown, and the prestige of prominent projects has increased the agency’s reputation, the progressive philosophies upon which it was founded have always remained. Understanding, integrity, and passion for design are still the fundamentals behind every project we deliver.