Established with an open-minded ethos of understanding, integrity, and passion for design, The Unknown Creative has been graced with many opportunities to work with some of the most inspiring brands in Transport & Logistics.

Founded by John Dunne, his fascination of all things public service has often directed the agency towards doing something different; engaging wherever possible in work that impacts upon people in positive, helpful ways.

Let’s Journey Together – Connecting Tees Valley

Since the launch of the Connect Tees Valley (CTV) visual identity, in 2012, the tagline: “Let’s Journey Together,” has sat encouragingly atop thousands of bus-stop flags across the North East of England. This message not only encapsulates the progressive design ethos upon which the agency was founded – it delivers the welcoming sense of community that was the vision of the project’s many stakeholders.

Public service personnel, from several Local Authorities and a number of public transport companies, were involved in delivering the new visual identify. With so many people invested heavily in the project, there were also many different needs, ideas, and contrasting strategies at work during the design process. However, the resulting success of the project is testament to the dedication of everyone that was involved.

An Inspiring Visual Identity, with Proven Longevity

The Connect Tees Valley visual identity still engages customers today, 6 years after its launch. Delivering this project to market was The Unknown Creative’s maiden voyage into large-scale branding for Transport & Logistics.

It was, however, simply the start of an exciting, creative journey into public service design. The agency expanded, and soon began to attract the attention of clients nationwide.

By the end of 2013, The Unknown Creative were regularly working with the biggest name in UK Transport. The impact of the Connect Tees Valley visual identity had significantly elevated the reputation of John Dunne’s design agency within the industry. The start of a longstanding working relationship with Transport for London was about to begin.

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