A Striking new identity delivered in 2016. Experts and innovators in motorcycle logistics, Bike Sherpa provide a niche courier service, delivering motorbikes across the UK for a range of motorcycle relates customer needs.

Our quirky, original logo encapsulates the ethos of the organisation and provides a vibrant, befitting narrative to a brand that prides itself on providing excellent support and delivery. We created the original character and illustrations in our Darlington design studio, close to the occasional home of Bike Sherpa themselves (when they’re not off elsewhere in the country providing expert motorcycle logistics!).

Our brand design has provided the Bike Sherpa team with an exemplary identity with which to promote and expand their business. The logo is simple and communicative enough to stand and deliver for some time (much like an actual Sherpa!), and the clear, vibrant colour scheme will not be easily missed when the team are on the road, or promoting themselves online at: www.bikesherpa.co.uk

  • Bike sherpa

  • BikeSherpa-red

  • BikeSherpa-Van