Hygia provide healthcare training throughout the UK, to a range of staff and employers from around the world. In order to enhance their presence within a competitive industry, we provided them with a complete brand refresh and new, professional website.

It was identified that they required a fresher, more modern persona that clearly communicated their identity as a provider of experienced, exceptional knowledge-based learning in a busy environment.

To begin with we added a much brighter colour scheme to their brand, and from there began to build a clean, crisp website loaded with engaging imagery and professional copy.

We took elements from their original identity, and tweaked them to create a more contemporary, distinguished brand mark.

Hygia’s refreshed identity immediately looks cleaner, more appealing, and communicates the brand to its target audience – which includes industry leading identities such as NHS, and Bupa.

Hygia later returned to us for a high-impact social media advertising campaign, which was launched early in 2018. Focussing on several of their key courses, we created a set of professional, informative Factsheets.

Giving their audience an insight into their business, through either the print or digital versions, Hygia now had constant, instant access to a range of marketing materials for their business.

We built the busy healthcare professionals an attentive online following, via social media, and ran the campaign for three months