Part of our extensive catalogue of exceptional design for the Transport and Construction industries, our established reputation as leading designers in construction and transport logistics saw us approached by CL (Construction Logistics).

Launched in association with Transport for London and the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) are a management tool for anybody involved in top-level construction management. They react to  – and reduce – the negative effects of construction work on local communities, amenities, and the environment.

Our original brand mark represents a complex transport network, simplified by CL to answer the many problems posed by modern construction movement. The merging of all these networks and forms of travel into a single point, and spire-structure, portrays the efficient and successful end result CL deliver to their prominent construction projects, and visualises the progressive nature of the organisation – i.e., – all roads lead to construction logistics!

Alongside their identity we built a user-friendly, responsive website for CL to communicate the important guidelines and legislation that their customers will need access to. With ease of registration and keeping in touch with the organisation, customers are also engaged by quality, involving imagery and simple, effective website navigation.

In 2018, Transport for London, on behalf of CL, received a prestigious award for Innovation in Construction Logistics Policies, which was presented at the CIVITAS Urban Freight conference in Brussels.