The Unknown Creative has produced a lively, original brand identity for new implementors of complex, progressive logistics in the construction industry – Construction Logistics (CL). Complete with a user-friendly, responsive website, CL are ready to deliver their exceptional training and management services to one of the fastest growing industries in Europe.

We were engaged by CL’s founders following our extensive portfolio of effective design for Transport for London, and its affiliated organisations. With the likes of CLOCS and FORS continuing to inspire change in Transport & Logistics, it was clear that The Unknown Creative’s knowledge of what works in design for the Construction and Transport industries was the best way to create the impact required for the newly-formed organisation to succeed.

The logo vibrantly, yet simply represents the multitude of routes and means of transport that go into the complex legislation at the core of this progressive industry. This is complemented by a striking suite of accompanying graphics, designed to visually engage and communicate in the environments in which CL operate – instantly making them stand out as an identity in what has become a busy market.

CL’s cool, responsive new website has been launched as an instantly effective tool for industry regulations, information sharing, management services, and customer relations. Their target audience of public and private sector workforces now have user-friendly access to their extensive portfolio of useful industry communications.

With influences and ambitions such as the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s vision for a carbon free capital involved in the intelligent, forward-thinking blueprints developed in Construction & Transport Logistics, essentially, change is what the industry is all about. Organisations like CL work meticulously to pinpoint areas where development is required, and how to make it possible.

At The Unknown Creative, we recognise this, and have always visualised the concept of change in all the original design we have produced for logistics organisations. Creating change means that we are required to do something different – and we rigorously repeat this process in all our brand identities across Tech, Transport, Smart Cities, and every other sector we operate in.

Our close connections to TfL have brought to us a range of interesting branding projects over the years. With the progress of CLOCS, in particular, proving so rewarding, we now look forward to seeing how Construction Logistics develop their ideas, with their intelligent new identity and website ready-made to communicate them.