Our longstanding affiliation with Cross River Partnership continued as we delivered a suite of vivid marketing materials for deliverBEST and ClickCollect London. Both organisations are committed to improving air quality in England’s capital city.

Both CRP affiliates are working to address the concern of air pollution in the city. deliverBEST is supporting nearly 50 London businesses as they aim to reduce the impact of their deliveries, and ClickCollect is encouraging the redirection of personal deliveries from central London workplaces.

The projects are part funded by CRP’s Mayor’s Air Quality 2 programme: Clean Air Better Business, as part of the vision for a future, carbon-free capital with improved air quality.

We created banners, business cards, and folded leaflets delineating the two progressive initiatives, for use at exhibitions, presentations, and roadshows.

Several months later, we were re-engaged for work, when we produced a promotional leaflet for the latest phase of their campaign. Such was the success of the first phase, DeliverBEST were keen to continue using the same, effective graphics we had created originally. This time, we created an informative, impactful, 4-page A4 leaflet, as they took the next step in improving air quality in London.