We created Darlington Football Club’s 2018/19 commercial brochure during the successful launch of the club’s Who Are You? We Are Darlo campaign. With the communication of the club’s inspiring vision effectively engaging their core audience, they now required a professional print and digital document to engage with existing and potential business partners.

Inspired by the rich history and progressive thinking of the football club, we organised a professional photoshoot of existing players and staff at their Blackwell Meadows home. Incorporating the We Are Darlo headline and Passion / Pride / Progress tagline from the new campaign, we aimed to firmly establish DFC as a club ready to expand its network of commercial clients.

Ensuring consistency across all communications, we used the same bold, contemporary typography that proved to be successful during the campaign launch. Applying an on-brand black-and-white colour scheme, we designed the brochure with a memorable square layout and made full use of the available space and rich, immersive colour scheme.

Confirming and regularly reaffirming that Darlington Football Club are Open For Business, the brochure engages effectively with its readership on every page. Detailing the rich history that founded the club in the 1880’s, powerful, inspiring messages on each page communicate the modern club’s values, purpose and vision.

Also available to download as a PDF, Darlington Football Club’s 2018/19 commercial brochure encourages investment, and promises recognition to its audience of likeminded, progressive business partners and sponsors.