To celebrate ten years of The Unknown Creative design agency we asked our junior team members if they’d like to get involved at our 2019 campaign shoot. This is because we want to make being ‘Ten Years In’ about them, as well as the brand they represent.

Meet Melanie and Owen from our graphic design team. Both graduated at Northumbria University in 2018 and they then, fortunately, chose us.

Incidentally our creative director John Dunne also graduated at Northumbria ‘back in the day’. We’re proud that we’ve developed a strong bond with the university over the years, and also with the city where we aim to build upon, as we grow.


John comments: “Our ethos is to give all new team members an invaluable design agency experience from day one. As such they are immersed in a number of high-profile projects for clients around the world, working from concepts through to completion.”

piece of mind

Melanie says: “Starting work at The Unknown Creative straight after graduating from university has been an incredible experience. From the beginning I felt very welcomed by the team. We’re a very close-knit team and we work together to design and deliver work to the highest quality we can.”

On shoot-day we got creative in and around our studio at Charlotte Square, with Vicky and Niamh from our communications team. More soon.

Well done, Mel and Owen!