While the UK summer has surprised many (including us in the studio), with its record heatwave, scorching sun, and hot, humid longevity, summertime in the vibrant Balearics has only just begun.

Thousands of avid clubbers from all over the UK are already on their annual pilgrimage to the capital of Europe’s club scene – Ibiza – and North East Techno/House label, Right Angle Records, has set up residency for a three-month stint on ‘The White Isle’.

Requiring a smart, distinct logo to help their sub-brand, Right Angle Radio, stand out on an island already renowned for originality, The Unknown Creative got on board with their journey. Founded by DJ and Producer, Tom Dunne, RAR are a record label that have worked relentlessly, rigorously, and strategically to get to where they are.

Tom has tantalised the crowds at Fire (London), Digital (Newcastle), Gorilla (Manchester), and has gained a residency at Wiki Woo hotel, Ibiza. Also supporting internationally renowned peers including Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping, Matthias Tanzmann and Kerri Chandler, he and Right Angle Records have been making a name for themselves in clubs and festivals across the country.

With this in mind, The Unknown Creative delivered a logo which encapsulates the name of their label, their dedicated work ethic, and simply communicates their fresh approach to music management and production. With clean, Gill Sans typography and an unambiguous, 90° layout, the Right Angle Radio logo draws the eyes and subtly entices a slight tilt of the head when viewed. To make it even more memorable, the logo was created in three, zestful summer colours – one for every month that RAR will call Ibiza their sun-kissed home.

With weekly shows set to run until the sun comes down on the summer of 2018, RAR will be broadcasting their new logo and every floor-filled minute of their events, live, across the world to a global fanbase. Also showcasing some of the best up-and-coming talents in the club scene, as well as a selection of surprise guests, their events will light up some of the most prestigious locations on the island’s legendary club scene.

Always passionate about music, innovation, people (and even the occasional party), we look forward to seeing Right Angle Records engaging their energetic audiences from sunset to sunrise, all summer long.