Latest acrylic on canvas by our creative director John Dunne. Recovery Warrior represents plight, fight and strength from within. Ultimately, the opportunity for change.

For this painting John was intrigued by a photograph of a man on the streets in active addiction. During his interpretation John changed his thinking; not wanting to capture the despair of his subject’s situation – instead preferring to capture him on the other side. He removed the background street scene and associated paraphernalia and evolved his expression and stance to instead create a strong message about his recovery.

As a graphic designer by trade, John admits that drawing doesn’t come naturally and painting portraits is the polar opposite to what he expected when he started out. His thought being originally that strong concepts and abstracts would be his natural direction. Over the years his depiction of people evolved to a point where he is confident in continuing to develop his own style.

John says “I’m always drawn to capturing perspectives of the human form; influenced and inspired by Lucien Freud and Egon Schiele. Acrylic on canvas is a fascinating way to study skin tones, muscles, bone structure and expression. But my painting is definitely a work in progress. A bit like myself!”


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Recovery Warrior finalised during UK Lockdown, April 2020.