For 2020 an emotional message to strike a chord. We identify with and for our clients. We identify with each other and the world around us, and we aim to make a difference. The team created a strong message and visuals to demonstrate what we do best – brand identity.

Creative director John Dunne says: “As designers it’s essential that we challenge ourselves creatively. Subcultures and social scenarios of today are our touchpoints, as well as art and design eras of the past. Keeping an open mind enables us to explore, experiment and create something fresh and relevant for today and for our clients.”

TUC instagram post

Campaign architecture

A combination of The Unknown Creative’s house typeface – Equip – in a soft sentence case, and bold geometric patterns in red to contrast against our core brand colour palette; white clay and charcoal. Our secondary colours (yellow and marine blue) are also used in the campaign.


Brutal, beautiful. A recent visit to Rowley Way in north London, the Grade II Listed estate designed by Neave Brown in the late 1960s.

Russian Revolution graphic design. The functional design of Russian Constructivists is much championed at The Unknown Creative. John’s homage depicting the Cyrillic alphabet being a recent interpretation.