The intense summer heat and a hectic week can leave even the most committed of professionals feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Greenwell Yoga began as a way of coping with this sort of everyday stress, but grew to become a successful business inspiring health and wellbeing.

The Darlington-based studio specialise in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, mindfulness, and putting members on a path of physical strength, and both spiritual and emotional growth. Originally inspired in Australia, owner and instructor, Linda Dixon, expanded her yoga experience in London, before teaching her popular classes and positive mindset in Darlington.

More recently, her journey led her to an encounter with The Unknown Creative, and a vibrant new design for the business. The Greenwell Yoga new logo incorporates a fresh, calming colour scheme, and clean, contemporary typography. Within the logo, the O and A of ‘Yoga’ combine to create a simplified, symmetrical character performing a perfectly-balanced pose.

Now promoting the business to those seeking a peaceful mind, or a professional approach to better physical health, Greenwell Yoga’s new logo communicates the positive approach to wellbeing that inspired its inception.