Those of a certain age will remember Leee John of 80s pop three piece Imagination, so imagine how thrilled we were when Leee began following us on Twitter.

Hackney-born artist and art lover Leee expressed his appreciation for Homeless Angel, a piece which was inspired by the plight of people living on our streets.

This A1 sized acrylic on canvas had previously been earmarked for a charity night to help raise funds for a homeless charity, however the event fell through. So given Leee had shown his love for the painting, we suggested if he was willing to make a donation to a homeless charity of his choice, we’d happily honour our original offer of the picture.

As the photo above shows, the painting is now hanging in Leee’s London home.

Our work aims to highlight the problems faced by society and help raise awareness of those who are most vulnerable; so to get this kind of appreciation and support is exactly what we want. Needless to say we’re not able to be this altruistic with all pieces we produce; but will of course continue to support charities which are aligned to iLL’s ethos in any way we can.

Leee commented that like us, he’s keen to promote the arts in these “troubled times” and was clearly pleased with the painting: “Hi John, Just got back from Italy to find your amazing painting, it’s so special and shows many sides to homelessness. I am overwhelmed! Much love, Leee John”