Fresh from delivering our design to the United Nations Social Housing Project, we are delighted to announce that we have begun working for the International Commission on Missing Persons. The ICMP work extensively with governments, civil society organisations, justice institutions, international organisations, and many others around the world – addressing the issues of people who have gone missing.

Whether this has occurred because of conflict, human rights abuses, disasters, organised crime or other causes, the ICMP are the only international organisation exclusively dedicated to addressing this global issue.

We were required to create an up to date, informative Factsheet detailing the many challenges the progressive organisation face, and how their vision for the future will help to both address and overcome them. With so many stories already weaved into the fabric of their global brand, the challenge for us, as designers, was to simply and sufficiently detail their extensive work and life-changing plans for the future of their organisation.

We provided our new client with a selection of engaging layouts and worked closely with them to finalise the content, ready for publication and worldwide distribution.

The ICMP in a constant state of expansion, working tirelessly to secure the cooperation of governments and other institutions to locate those who have gone missing around the world – and we hope to help them with their cause again in the near future.

Recently, we created an entertaining animation and set of sustainability standard documents for the United Nations Development Programme. With both the animation and documents currently being rolled out to 16M+ previously homeless people and families, it’s fantastic to see our design once again helping invaluable organisations to reach out to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Our Creative Director, John Dunne, has long been inspired to use his creativity for increasing awareness of society’s most vulnerable people. A collection of his own artwork was focused on “People, Missing“, so being able to apply his design skills to the ICMP and UNDP projects have been rewarding to him personally – and to all of us here at TUC.