This week sees the launch of OSE Euro’s new social media advertising campaign. Featuring a suite of vibrant banners created in our studio, OSE are promoting several niche areas of their business in order to engage a wider audience.

Shipping a wide range of products worldwide, the logistics specialists have offices in Newcastle and a strategically located depot in Veurne, Belgium. Already at the very heart of European logistics solutions, our challenge was to take the essence of their excellent service, and create a stimulating visual message for their business.

Focussing initially on the Automotive and Chemical delivery aspects of their business, we applied OSE’s distinct brand colours to the first two banners of the set. Considering the complexity of the logistics processes that OSE deliver, we were keen to simultaneously acknowledge the intricacy of the work involved – but still deliver a simple, effective visual message.

Using  distinct arrow to signify the concept of delivery, across the set each branded arrow-shape is made up of the components that will be shipped. Displaying a deep understanding of what their prospective clients do and require, the banners will be published across OSE’s social networks for the next few months.

OSE are just one of the many Transport & Logistics organisations we have had the pleasure of working with, over the years. To see more of our work in this sector, please visit our portfolio, or read our 10-years of experience delivering design for the industry.