The majority of entrepreneurs will endeavour to continue expanding their business. Convincing your customers that your product is ready, marketable and sustainable, and making the transition form startup to scaleup, isn’t easy. However, once your business gets there, with new opportunities comes a new set of challenges.

Levels and modes of both internal and external communication will change. As numbers of staff grow, so may the headquarters and the number of locations, and as target audiences are defined, so are advertising and marketing needs.

Strategic messages for progressive organisations

At The Unknown Creative, we design market-driven strategic communications for scaleups in tech and digital innovation. We work for renowned clients across Europe, and established in the progressive hub of Silicon Valley.

Our original work is sought across dynamic sectors, from pioneers of the software inspiring smart city growth, to developers of the disruptive devices changing and improving lives, right now. Experts in branding, design, marketing and communications, our original work delivers effective messages from client to customer, and business to business.

We understand how important is to to maintain, and intensify the growth that spurred you from startup to scaleup. When it comes to tech and digital innovation, no time can be wasted in taking a dynamic product from production to market.

Creative communications for continuous growth

Combining an effective communications campaign with the reputation you’ve already built, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness you have delivered, and all the other positive attributes you have built your business on is priceless.

We know how to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time – taking your product, service and ethos to the people who need the innovation you have dedicated yourselves to creating.

Businesses built upon original concepts deserve contemporary design created with originality. Join the scaleups who have already benefitted from our work, and contact us today. We have the skills, experience and creativity to enhance your reputation even further.