No doubt some of you, especially football fans, will have seen some of the creative we’ve delivered for Darlington Football Club over the last few months. While we’ve been designing the club’s official new website, launched today, we have endeavoured to enhance every aspect of their visual identity – and the vibrant, engaging style you see today is the result.

From the moment we were approached by Darlington Director John Tempest, we were under no illusion that turning ‘Darlo’ from a business with no branding or strategy, into a desirable, marketable product, was going to be a massive task. However, with the right skills, experience, and understanding, we made it possible.

The club already had a professional business model, and hundreds of dedicated fans who regularly invest time, money, pride, and boundless belief in the club. Inspired by this attitude, we defined and implemented a set of progressive core values that represent the progressive way the club is run – and will continue to drive it forward.

We then visualised these values with engaging imagery, strong typography, clean design, and used the club’s core colours to create a fresh, contemporary visual identity. Also penning a new, intelligent and welcoming tone of voice, we’ve created a Darlington Football Club brand that will now rival much bigger, more prestigious clubs.

Only the original club crest remains unchanged, but with their fresh, new style – and the practical marketing strategy we have put in place – for the first time Darlo is represented by a commanding, engaging brand.

All of our work was led by Creative Director and Darlo fan, John Dunne, and the reaction from fans and the people at the club has already been incredible. With Darlington’s town centre currently going through a difficult time, to see the football club thriving is wonderfully positive.

The sense of community pride that has sustained and driven the football club should be encouraging, and inspiring, to everyone in the town at this time. ‘Where You Belong’, and the branding we have created, is a visual manifestation of this incredible community spirit.

With multiple visuals and campaign materials in place to keep the momentum of Darlo’s new campaign running, we’ll continue to dedicate ourselves to driving the club forward throughout this season, and beyond.

Matchday attendances are already reacting positively to the work we’ve done, and we’d love to see you too, at a game soon. Being part of the incredible work that goes on at Darlington Football Club has been fantastic, and we recommend as many people as possible join the journey.

Where else would you rather be, on a Saturday, at 3PM, than Where You Belong?