Not for the first time in 2017, we have worked on a vibrant, high-impact marketing project for DeliverBEST. Highlighting the issue of poor air quality in England’s capital city, DeliverBEST are communicating the value of efficient delivery between businesses, in order to reduce emissions caused by road pollution. This time, they required a promotional marketing leaflet to increase the awareness of their work – and brand – and returned to TUC for the project.

Managed by another regular client of ours, Cross River Partnership, DeliverBEST are partnered with a wide range of other progressive organisations including Mayor (of London’s) Air Quality Fund, URBACT, Better Bankside, and DEFRA. Earlier this year we created a suite of vivid marketing materials for both DB, and ClickCollect London. The project included promotional banners for exhibitions, presentations, and roadshows, plus business cards and leaflets entailing the progressive philosophies of the two brands.

The latest leaflet we have designed  emphasises the financial and environmental value of their work. It simply communicates what they do, and how they can deliver it, in a short series of original infographics. The most important aspect of their work, of course, is aiming to improve the grave figures that state nearly 10,000 deaths in London, every year, are related to poor air quality. The new leaflet we have created also stresses the immediate financial impact of having a more structured delivery routine, as deciphered and implemented by DeliverBEST Рwhich could encourage more businesses to take note and follow the programme.

In 2017 DeliverBEST have been all about: “starting the conversation” on air pollution, and getting as many people interested and involved as possible. Naturally, we’ve been glad to help get this moving for them through the medium of design!

The simple, four page leaflet features original, clean graphics, designed boldly and simply enough to tell the DB story, and communicate the benefits of their service to potential customers throughout the capital. As DeliverBEST state: “Every Londoner has a role to play in improving air quality,” so their number of potential customers is certainly a big one.

With our recent work for the United Nations Social Housing Project being rolled out to 16 million new home owners, our design for the progressive Smart Cities and Sustainability sectors continues to reach out to an enormous target audience!