We’re honoured to be the chosen design agency for Saks Hair & Beauty UK. We’ve been working creatively with the Saks marketing team at the national salon group for several years now. Our extensive remit includes providing concepts for national brand campaigns to roll out every January plus associated materials for salons – from posters to magazines and seasonal digital media campaigns.

We’ve particularly enjoyed this year. Seeing our visuals for the 2019 brand campaign, ‘Best of Times’, roll out on multiple platforms. This year’s campaign photography is especially fresh and vibrant and we made good use of typography, punchy headlines and complimentary opaque banners for our designs. Messages relay that Saks stylists and therapists get women set for all their occasions, throughout the seasonal calendar.

In June 2019 we were given the opportunity to get more involved and we are now also providing an array of copywriting services. We will also be commencing work of their sister-brand, Saks Training UK very shortly.

Saks UK, it’s always a pleasure!