The original characters, quirky animation and crucial public service documents we created for BRE have become part of a prestigious British Expertise International Award.

The Advancing the Sustainability of Social Housing in Brazil project beat a host of esteemed competition to receive the award of best International Collaborative Project, in a ceremony at Kensington’s Royal Garden Hotel, on April 12.

Supporting the building and sustainability of up to 16M new homes in Brazil, the project is already enhancing the lives of vulnerable people and reducing the risk of further large-scale, unmanageable slums in South America.

The extent of the home-building is simply incredible. With nearly 4 million new residences already built, in just a few short years, this actually equates to an annual rate of about 10 times all new housebuilding in the UK.

With concerns relating to quality of living, sustainability and social impact impacting upon early development, BRE (Building Research Establishment) and the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) became involved in the construction and maintenance of the homes.

However, communications between new homeowners and local government continued to be an issue – and this is where we came in. Using the unmistakable brand of the primary investors in the project, Caixa Bank, we created an engaging animation, full of infographics, information and original typography, and a set of concise, informative policy documents for local public service officials.

Also incorporating BRE’s extensive building research expertise, and the unparalleled progressive ethos’ of the UNDP’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals into our design, the project was one of our most enjoyable creative deliveries of 2017. Rewarding on so many levels, regardless of subsequent awards, using design for social good is something we’re especially proud of here at TUC.

Designed to simply and clearly communicate the value of maintaining a government owned home and community, the project has already proved to be effective in the field – and British Expertise International certainly agree.

Other prominent organisations nominated for BEI awards this year in included Arup, AECOM, Cardiff University, and Public Health England.